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Rediscover Your Youthful Glow with Profhilo Structura

Profhilo Structura

Are you looking to rejuvenate your skin and restore lost facial volume and contours? Look no further than Profhilo Structura, a groundbreaking solution developed by IBSA Derma that promises to revolutionise facial aesthetics. Through the innovative NAHYCO® Hybrid Technology, this injectable combines high and low molecular weight hyaluronic acid to deliver natural-looking results that can help you achieve a more youthful appearance.

The Science Behind Profhilo Structura

Profhilo Structura represents a significant advancement in the field of facial aesthetics, offering a unique blend of hyaluronic acid that targets multiple layers of the skin. By leveraging the cutting-edge NAHYCO® Hybrid Technology, this injectable ensures optimal hydration and stimulation of the skin's natural collagen and elastin production. The result? A more radiant complexion with improved firmness and elasticity.

Say Goodbye to Dull Skin and Hello to Radiant Glow

If you've been struggling with dull, tired-looking skin or noticeable signs of aging, Profhilo Structura could be the key to unlocking your skin's full potential. By addressing both superficial and deep skin layers, this innovative treatment can help you achieve a harmonious balance of volume and contours, restoring a youthful glow that radiates from within.

Profhilo Structura

The Benefits of Profhilo Structura

  • Natural Results : Profhilo Structura is designed to enhance your natural beauty, providing subtle yet noticeable improvements to your facial features.

  • Long-Lasting Effects : With proper treatment sessions, the results of Profhilo Structura can last for several months, ensuring that you enjoy your rejuvenated appearance for an extended period.

  • Minimal Downtime : Unlike more invasive procedures, Profhilo Structura requires minimal downtime, allowing you to resume your daily activities shortly after treatment.

Embrace a Youthful Future with Profhilo Structura

Whether you're looking to address age-related volume loss, sagging skin, or fine lines and wrinkles, Profhilo Structura offers a versatile solution that can benefit a wide range of skin concerns. Say goodbye to dull, lackluster skin and hello to a rejuvenated, radiant complexion that exudes youthfulness and vitality.

In conclusion, Profhilo Structura represents a groundbreaking advancement in facial aesthetics, offering a unique blend of hyaluronic acid through the innovative NAHYCO® Hybrid Technology. Embrace the transformative power of Profhilo Structura and rediscover your youthful glow today.

Patient Assessment: Are You a SINKER or a SAGGER?


Sinkers are individuals with slim, athletic faces that need lateral volume. Typically under 50, they have little body fat, follow a healthy diet, and may participate in endurance sports like running. These patients prefer their slim look and don’t want to appear round or oval. They have a thin layer of superficial fat under their skin. Injecting Profhilo Structura in front of the ear creates natural-looking volume due to new fatty tissue forming just below the skin, maintaining their aesthetic balance.


Saggers have slightly heavier faces with some jowl formation and flattened cheeks. They benefit from preauricular and cheekbone enhancement. Injecting Profhilo Structura along the cheekbone and in front of the ear reshapes these areas naturally and harmoniously.

The protocol adapts based on whether the patient is a Sinker or a Sagger, with one or multiple injection passes as needed.



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