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Profhilo Structura

Rediscover youthful and lifted look with Profhilo Structura, a leading non-surgical treatment

Profhilo Structura is a new injectable treatment by IBSA Derma that restores facial volume and contours. Using advanced NAHYCO® Hybrid Technology, it combines high and low molecular weight hyaluronic acid for natural, long-lasting results without downtime. It targets and regenerates facial fat, improving skin firmness and hydration. Launched in London, it has shown impressive results, with 95% of patients noticing improvements. Available at Dr Vahe Clinic, Profhilo Structura offers a natural way to achieve a youthful, sculpted look.


Two weeks after your initial consultation and treatment, we provide a follow-up appointment with a complimentary top-up to ensure you are delighted with the results. Ready to rejuvenate your skin and enhance your natural beauty? Contact us today at 02033703503 or use our online request form to schedule your Profhilo Structura consultation at DR Vahe Clinic.



Profhilo Structura is suitable for individuals experiencing signs of facial ageing, specifically those with facial sinking, sagging or volume loss. This treatment is particularly beneficial for:


Sinkers: Individuals with a predominantly hollow or sunken appearance due to volume depletion in the cheek area.


Saggers: Individuals with volume loss, sagging skin and jowls.


Profhilo Structura is also an ideal option for patients looking for a more natural alternative to traditional dermal fillers, as it offers regenerative benefits with minimal risk and no downtime. It is designed to restore the superficial fat layer and improve overall skin quality, making it firmer and more hydrated​.




If you are a 'SINKER' you will have a hollow/sunken appearance with bony prominences in the cheek area. This hollowness is caused by a shrinkage of the superficial fat padS in the face, especially the area below your cheeks and in front of your ears.

If you are a 'SAGGER' you will have drooping skin and fat bulges, sometimes known as 'jowls'. The skin has lost its elasticity and is drooping down towards the jawline. This is caused by collagen loss, loss of facial fat and gravity.

Profhilo Structura specifically targets the superficial fat layers in the face. It is inje


Profhilo Structura is formulated with an advanced combination of high and low molecular weight hyaluronic acid which allows it to deliver optimal benefits. This combination helps to improve skin hydration and elasticity while restoring lost facial volume​.


Profhilo Structura specifically targets the superficial fat layers in the face. It is injected into these areas to restore and reposition fat tissues that have been diminished due to ageing, thereby reducing facial hollows and sagging​.


The treatment is administered using a cannula, which allows for precise placement of the hyaluronic acid in the desired areas. This technique helps to distribute the product evenly and reduces the risk of complications​.


Profhilo Structura has been shown to improve skin firmness, hydration, and overall quality. It helps in delaying age-related volume loss and maintaining a natural, youthful appearance. Clinical studies have demonstrated significant and lasting improvements in facial contours and skin condition after treatment​.


Overall, Profhilo Structura offers a minimally invasive, effective method for facial rejuvenation, particularly for those experiencing age-related volume loss and skin laxity.

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